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2004 Cygnus Syrah

Cygnus is 100% Syrah, and takes its name from the ancient Cygnus, or Swan constellation. Syrah grown to best advantage is always powerful. In our Cygnus Syrah that forceful character is expressed with a swanlike grace, combining New World strength with Old World finesse.
Our 2004 Cygnus Syrah is 100% Syrah from Washington’s Yakima Valley AVA. It is fermented dry, as are all Empyrean wines. The wine was aged 16 months in a combination of new American oak and old and new French oak from the center of France. It has been properly cellared in a dedicated facility from that time onward.
$45.00 per bottle
Plus shipping and handling
2014 Industry Tasting Notes – Cygnus 2004
Cygnus still requires decanting to open up, but is typically approachable sooner than Draco or Eridanus. A 2014 Cygnus tasting showed that 10 years on it retains its old world allure and its lively new-world fruit. While some Washington syrahs may lose their charms after only a short time, Cygnus, a balanced and dry wine with good acid, and restrained oak, is going strong a decade on. Lovely balanced dark fruit and aromatics. Drinking well now.
Our Cygnus Syrahs are all fruity, lush and spicy, but made with restraint and balance. Its fruit characteristics make it an especially good pairing with pizza, pastas, spiced meats, or grilled meats. It also can accompany heartier fish, such as grilled tuna or salmon, or join with richer poultry dishes, particularly slow-cooked chicken dishes with accompanying sauces.
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