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This Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot takes its name from constellation Draco, The Dragon. Like the dragon depicted in the stars, Draco is powerful, long-lived and somewhat irascible. Cellaring will bring Draco’s firey nature into it’s best balance.
Our 2004 Draco is Bordeaux-style blend of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Cabernet Franc, and 27% Merlot. It is fermented dry at 13.9% alcohol. The wine was aged 18 months in a combination of new and old French oak from the center of France. It has been properly cellared from that time onward in a dedicated facility.
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2014 Industry Tasting Notes - Draco 2004
When Empyrean says these wines are made to age, they aren't joking. 2004's Draco needed serious decanting time to open up. Draco is full throughout the palate with a long finish, attributes that are consistent throughout every vintage due Empyrean's perfectionist obsession with Bordeaux style blending. 2004 saw a hot middle season and a cool fall in the Columbia Valley overall, with many vines recovering from a harsh winter in 2003. This produced small clusters, with intense phenolics in the berries, and concentrated bramble fruit flavors. With its restrained, low-intervention style, and aging focus, Empyrean benefits more than most Washington producers from a cooler year. Splendid balance throughout the palate, and lovely drinking right now.
Rich, but better balanced than the 2003s, the 2004s offer finer tannins and a softer front palate, allowing the fruit to remain fresh and lively. Draco’s acid profile and dry fermentation encourage the wine to retain its fruit and restrained oak without turning the least bit flabby. Draco is now at its peak but still has years to run.
Our 2004 Draco drinks beautifully on its own.  In France it might be referred to as a “vin de guarde”, as it is a wine to save and savor.  Our Draco is always a rich, lush, yet structured and complex wine that is an experience unto itself.  It pairs well with hearty beef and game dishes.
Draco particularly enhances dishes with traditional French sauces, such as steak with a Bordelaise sauce, but does equally well with simply grilled beef, venison, and elk (we tried it). It also can suitably accompany richer pasta dishes, long-aged firm cheeses and dark chocolate. It was made to be amazing, and ten years on, it still is.
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