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This Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot takes its name from constellation Eridanus, the River of Stars. The name Eridanus honors the great Yakima river of Eastern Washington. The Yakima shaped the land and soils where Eridanus’ grapes are grown and its water sustains them.
Our 2004 Eridanus is a top Bordeaux-style blend. It is a lush combination of 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Cabernet Franc, and 35% Merlot. It is fermented dry at 14.1% alcohol. The wine was aged 18 months on a combination of new and old French oak from the center of France.
We are low interventionists in the winery, but obsessive about perfect blending. Even with our tiny production, Empyrean often rejects barrels that don't work in either blend. Our 2004 Eridanus is nearing its peak, one that may not be as long as that of Draco, but if recent tastings are evidence, Eridanus has years ahead of it with proper cellaring.
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2014 Industry Tasting Notes - Eridanus 2004
Per Empyrean's stated approach, Eridanus has been created to be somewhat more fruit-forward than Draco, but remains a complex wine in true Bordeaux style. The winemaking approach is to produce and blend balanced wines that markedly benefit, rather than suffer, from long cellaring. Eridanus displays intense perfumed fruit even after a decade, as the restrained oak and lively acid that are Empyrean hallmarks keep everything in harmony. Benefits from decanting.
Empyrean’s 2004 Eridanus is a food-friendly wine.  It embellishes almost any grilled meat or pasta dish.  It also joins particularly well with duck confit, or duck breasts with rich sauces.  Really, you must try the duck.
With its blended nature Eridanus works with greater range of food accompaniments than many single varietals. The fruit-driven characteristics pair well with simpler meals. The refined tannic structure and full palate profile also allow it to also accompany heartier dishes. Seem amazing? Eridanus does what thoughtfully-made wine is meant to do - make any meal better.
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