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Empyrean is now sold exclusively through Splash Wines.
At one time Empyrean offered its Constellation Wine Club membership to ardent wine lovers. As a producer of very small size, and unusual approach, our time is limited. We determined it was best to focus our efforts on our ongoing vineyard and winemaking projects. We have turned online sales of Empyrean's exceptional wines over to Splash Wines.

Splash Wines is a bold new concept that we believe will benefit both small producer and wine lover alike, through fair prices and easy delivery to (almost) everyone. If you would like to interact with Empyrean, we're listening, and we'd love that. If you would like join Constellation Club if it resumes at some point, or if you just enjoy filling out online forms, or if you're a bot, please do fill out the form.

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At present Constellation Club is not offering wine for sale.
Constellation Club may resume at some point, in which case, this form will alert us of your interest, or that you are a bot.
Shipping Info – Empyrean Wines are available exclusively through Splash Wines..
Law requires that you must be 21 years old or older to purchase any wines and ours are no exception. An adult (21 years+) must be physically present at delivery of wine. Please buy Empyrean Wines through Splash Wines.
Empyrean Wines
Empyrean Wines is a small, family winery dedicated to producing exceptional, properly aged, wines. As such we cannot sponsor or participate in as many events as some larger vintners. What we can offer in exchange is more personal, nuanced wines, and also, more personal communications. Filling out this form will put you in contact with us.
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