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Empyrean Wines produced only 700 cases of wine in 2004. The Bordeaux blends were divided between 183 cases of our long-lived Draco and 390 cases of Eridanus. Our Cygnus Syrah did not top 130 cases made. >> more
About Our Closures – Why Cork?
The debate between synthetic “cork style” and “screwcap” closures and natural cork still rages. Yes, still, well past our first production in 2002. We decided early on to use only high quality cork on Empyrean Wines.

Thus far, the years have confirmed our thinking. We sought the best cork in terms of protection from cork taint, and so far we have found it extremely rare to encounter any Empyrean wines spoiled by cork problems. Our belief was that many cork related problems were related to poor quality or cheap cork, and our own experience appears to have bourne that out.

Our approach to wine could make Empyrean Wines unique among New World producers. We passionately believe that proper aging greatly improves wine. We believe it offers a finer balance between fruit and the soft tannins that is only achieved with time, and yields harmony throughout the palate. Empyrean's commitment to aging is almost unheard of, and possibly quite mad. For many wines, a considerable part of their beauty is lost when consumed too soon. You are in no danger of that with Empyrean - drink and enjoy right now. We've aged them for you.
We offer three distinct red wines from vineyards chosen specifically for their ability to produce balanced fruit of the highest quality.
Draco - named for the Dragon constellation, might be termed a “reserve” by other wineries. We see things a bit differently. Draco is the blend of all our barrels which we think offers the finest cellaring potential. Only recently did we judge the bold, powerful Draco to be ready to emerge from its cave. Dragons of legend are long-lived, and we believe our Draco still has many years of peak drinking ahead of it as well. >> Tasting notes and more
Eridanus –is named for the “River of Stars” constellation and is our tribute to the fruitful and life-giving Yakima River Valley. Eridanus might well be considered a “reserve” quality wine at another winery. We see it as our more approachable blend, it, too, rewards long-cellaring, but is now approaching its peak. >> Tasting notes and more
Cygnus –takes its name from the Swan constellation. Syrah grown to best advantage enjoys warm days and cold nights, and makes a powerful wine. Our Cygnus label represents our aim of producing a Syrah that is not only rich and bold, but elegant and graceful. >> Tasting notes and more
Experience this difference for yourself, with Empyrean Wines.
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