The Bounty of The Pacific Northwest

Empyrean Wines embraces the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. From windy vineyards  in the dry hills of Eastern Washington to cleared acres nestled amongst forested slopes of Oregon's lush Willamette Valley, Empyrean seeks the best grapes, for the best possible wines. 

Our approach to wine makes Empyrean Wines unusual among New World producers. We passionately believe that proper aging greatly improves wine. We believe the experience of tasting the interplay of fruit and the soft tannins that is only achieved with time, is one of the finest experiences wine itself offers.
To make such a wine, however, requires a desire and commitment to do so.  What such a wine demands most of all is balance. Balance amongst the fruit, tannin, and acid flavors that make up the wine. With such a balance, a wine can age gracefully.
As it happens, a balanced wine is a pleasure to drink immediately, and is food-friendly as well.  You can enjoy Empyrean wines now, and for many pleasurable years to come.

Experience the difference for yourself.

Empyrean's Current Wine Offerings


Eridanus "River of Stars" Claret - 2020

Eridanus returns with a bold Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, with grapes sourced from outstanding vineyards in the Yakima Valley AVA and Columbia Valley AVA.

Eridanus is balanced and approachable, with masses dark fruits, cigar box, black plum and dark chocolate notes on the palate. Fine, soft tannins providing structure throughout.

Drink Now or Hold.


Lyra Pinot Noir

Now in its third vintage, this single-vineyard sourced Pinot Noir follows Empyrean's love of blending westwards, over the Cascades to Oregon. We believe Pinot Noir is the varietal that most expresses itself through clonal selection, and this one offers Pommard, 777, 115 and Mt Eden in our blend. Lush, soft red fruits on the palate, with a silky natural tannin structure running throughout, and a  deep, lingering finish.

Drink now, or hold.

Experience Empyrean 

 We offer four distinct red wines from vineyards chosen specifically for their ability to produce balanced fruit of the highest quality.
DRACO - named for the Dragon constellation, might be termed a “reserve” by other wineries. We see things a bit differently. Draco is the blend of all our barrels which we think offers the finest cellaring potential. Dragons of legend are long-lived, and we believe our Draco still has many years of peak drinking ahead of it as well.  We don't make a "Draco" every vintage. Returning soon...
ERIDANUS –is named for the “River of Stars” constellation and is our tribute to the fruitful and life-giving Yakima River Valley. Eridanus might well be considered a “reserve” quality wine at another winery. We see it as our more approachable blend, it, too, rewards long-cellaring. Now available in a 2020 release.
CYGNUS –takes its name from the Swan constellation. Syrah grown to best advantage enjoys warm days and cold nights. Our Cygnus label represents our aim of producing a Syrah that is not only rich and bold, but elegant and graceful. Returning soon...
LYRA - takes its name from the Lyre constellation, as it is harmonious and an immediate pleasure.  Lyra is a new offering for Empyrean,  a pinot noir from Oregon's premiere Yamhill-Carlton AVA.  Like all Empyrean wines it is a blend, this time of four pinot noir clones. We made Lyra to drink now, with soft red fruits, restrained French oak, and balanced tannins. Now available in a 2017 vintage.
orange leaf fruit chromed

Our Winemaking

Our philosophy of winemaking is simple to describe, but difficult to achieve. We focus, above all, on balance. Balanced fruit, balanced tannins, and balanced oak.  Only with this balance can a wine age gracefully, beautifully.

To that end, we ferment all our wines dry, we use restrained oak, French, except in Cygnus, as we believe Washington Syrah pairs well with a touch of fragrant American oak.  We never exceed 50% new oak. With all elements in balance, the blend can shine. We blend wines for cellaring, and the difference is real.  Taste for yourself.

Empyrean Availability

Empyrean is a small family producer obsessively devoted to perfect Bordeaux blends, exceptional Pinot Noir and long aging wines in general. We have many ongoing wine projects and would rather focus on growing and producing the best wines anywhere and leave the rest to our partners at Splash Wines

We have established an exclusive relationship with Splash Wines for the sale of all Empyrean wine. Splash is an exciting project that we think offers the possibility of fair pricing and ease of use for small producers and wine lovers alike. Check it out at Splash Wines!

The Story Behind The Name

Empyrean Wines takes its name from the “Paradiso” of Dante’s Divine Comedy. The Empyrean sphere is the 10th, and highest of all the spheres of heaven in that work.
Our wines themselves draw their names from the constellations that comprise the other spheres of heaven.
Like Dante’s depiction of paradise, ours is a very personal vision, and represents our aspiration to bring forth the finest wines from the regions we love best.

Our Latest Project - The Return of "Eridanus"

Empyrean has returned to its Washington roots, with our 2020 offering of Eridanus.  It represents the best of new world Bordeaux-style blends.  Eridanus is a balanced, dense, delicious and age-worthy wine.

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